Twist and Shout - Diamonds - 2022 Championship RingTwist and Shout - Diamonds - 2022 Championship Ring
Twist and Shout - Diamonds - 2022 Championship Ring




Congratulations to the Twist and Shout Diamonds on an incredible performance and Championship. Southern Recognition Championship Rings alongside your Coaches have designed a custom one-of-a-kind ring to commemorate your season and performance!


Some details about this ring are they include a transition of blue to green custom cut stones going up the bezel. The center of the bezel includes the Diamonds logo with the first of its kind, custom cut pear shaped opal. This stone has never been used before on a championship ring at the all-star level. Be proud to wear only the best! 


Orders take approximately twelve weeks to produce from the date the order is submitted as a team.




Each ring is completely custom. 


*REQUIRED* Input the name you would like displayed on the side of your ring. 


*REQUIRED* Input your finger size the ring will be manufactured in.

Rings will ship directly to the gym for a distribution event. EACH RING IS CUSTOM. After 24 hours, there are NO CANCELATIONS.

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