Southern Recognition, Inc. automatically protects all championship and letterwinner ring, pendant, and watch products with the industry’s best 100% lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects associated with the ring metal, stone, finish, and size (or resizing). The covered components will be repaired for free or will be replaced if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. Southern Recognition, Inc. will replace damaged simulated birthstones free of charge (other genuine stones, custom cut stones, and diamonds are not covered).

Did you lose your ring?

Lost Replacement: Southern Recognition, Inc. is not responsible for championship or letterwinner ring, pendant, or watch product. A replacement championship or letterwinner ring, pendant, or watch product may be available for purchase but may be subject to additional fees. 

Was your ring stolen?

Stolen Replacement: Southern Recognition, Inc. will cover a portion of the replacement cost of your championship or letterwinner ring, pendant, or watch product. Stolen replacement requests must be received in writing to within 4-years of your original order ship date. Stolen championship or letterwinner products occurring after the 4-year period may be subject to complete replacement cost. A stolen ring request must be submitted with an official police report.

How do I clean my ring or fine jewelry?

To preserve the beauty and luster of your jewelry, wash in a mild detergent in lukewarm water and rinse. Then, dry with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use any type of brush, sharp instrument, or rough cloth for cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners may knock stones loose as each of our rings have handset stones. DO NOT use ultrasonic cleaners on any championship jewelry. 

To protect your jewelry from permanent damage, avoid any contact with mercury. The effect of mercury and harsh acids on silver and gold is severe and permanent. Be sure to remove your jewelry before encountering such harmful agents.

I would like to get my jewelry serviced

Championship rings, letter-winner rings, or watches needing warranty repairs should be returned to your Southern Recognition, Inc. team. Please contact to confirm the required address for warranty related issues.

Please Note: Southern Recognition, Inc. lifetime warranty does not apply on championship rings, championship pendants, letter-winner rings, or watches deemed by manufacturing to be the subject of ‘extreme or excessive wear and tear.’ These rings or watches may be subject to complete replacement cost.


How can I find my ring finger size?

We recommend that you have your finger professionally sized either by a Southern Recognition, Inc. team member or a jeweler.

How long does it take to complete the manufacturing process for my custom championship ring?

Typically, custom championship jewelry manufacturing and production is 12-14 weeks for individual and team orders. The manufacturing timeline begins when the complete individual or team order is received, reviewed, and approved. Customized options selected may cause the manufacturing time to vary. Delivery may vary based on programs chosen by your school, team, or organization.

Can I have my ring resized?

A) Your ring was made to your specifications, for daily wear and use. Changes in weather and physical activities can affect your finger size, so wear it for a while before considering any changes in ring size. If you still feel that your ring requires a different size to fit your finger, we will be happy to resize for your ring. Please contact  

B) Once your ring is received back by the Southern Recognition, Inc. team, the warranty resizing process can take 2-8 weeks. Manufacturing will determine the best course of action in addressing the required resizing.

How do I get a price quote for your ring?

Please contact Southern Recognition, Inc. to discuss your ring options and pricing. Pricing is based upon a variety of factors including design, metal, stone count, physical size, and number of units for your order. 

What is the difference between antique finish and natural polished finish?

Antique finish is the darker background that adds contrast to capture your ring details. Natural polished finish is when the ring has an all-silver or all-gold appearance without a darker background or finish. Both finishes are included options for your Southern Recognition, Inc. ring (no additional charges).

How much do championship rings cost?

Southern Recognition, Inc. understands your budget needs and can design rings at all price points. You didn’t cut corners to win your championship, so don’t allow other ring companies to cut corners in the design, manufacturing and delivery process. We want to create a unique design that celebrates your achievements and recognizes your success. Let us work with you to design an affordable ring that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

How long does it take for Southern Recognition, Inc. to create custom championship ring artwork for my team?

Most custom artwork design concepts are created from scratch by our art team using proprietary software in 24-72 hours. Additional revisions are generally quicker based upon customer feedback and direction working towards a final design for you and your team. Customer direction, immediate feedback and timely response, and providing higher resolution artwork files are all contributing factors to a faster custom artwork turnaround time. To inquire about a custom champion design, please contact us.