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You've worked so hard to accomplish your goals. Allow us to bring your season to life. We are the championship ring experts when it comes to creating a 100% CUSTOM ring for you and your team.  Southern Recognition is a NOT a generic ring manufacturer. Our rings come completely blinged out. We ask you a few important questions to allow us the ability to use our imagination to create something that has never been done before. 




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You can select a combination of ring designs and we will create a custom shape to fit your needs. 

Select the color stones that you would you like to see on your ring. (*Please select the closest colors to your team.*) We will match stone colors to official PMS pantone coloring for accuracy. 

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Allow us to be the authors of your season's autobiography. Tell us something about your team that we can't google. Let's make this ring design amazing! Tell us your favorite ring you've ever seen.

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