Moore High School - 2022  - National Championship RingMoore High School - 2022  - National Championship Ring
Moore High School - 2022  - National Championship Ring


Congratulations to the Moore High School 2022 Cheer National Champions. Southern Recognition Championship Rings alongside your Coach have designed a custom one-of-a-kind ring to commemorate your championship. This ring will be UNBELIEVABLE. It will have more stones than any ring ever delivered at your high school or in the state for that matter. 


Orders take approximately twelve weeks to produce from the date the order is submitted as a team. 


DEADLINE: 3/11/2022 

Each ring is completely custom. 

*REQUIRED* Input the name you would like displayed on the side of your ring. 


*REQUIRED* Input your finger size the ring will be manufactured in.


The ring will be custom made to order. Each ring requires shipping assessed as their value exceeds standard processing. Each ring will be shipped directly to Coach for a delivery event in near future. REMINDER - There is a 12 week manufacturing process. 

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