CEA - Lady Lux - 2022 Globe Champions RingCEA - Lady Lux - 2022 Globe Champions Ring
CEA - Lady Lux - 2022 Globe Champions Ring


DEADLINE 7.15.22


What an amazing year Lady Lux has had! We have created a custom ROSE GOLD masterpiece. On the bezel we included custom angled baguette stones and pink iridescent stones that create a waterfall.  This ring is going to be unbelievable! 


Congratulations to CEA Lady Lux on an incredible performance and 2022 Globe Championship. Southern Recognition Championship Rings alongside your Coaches have designed a custom one-of-a-kind ring to commemorate your performance!


Orders take approximately twelve weeks to produce from the date the order is submitted as a team. 


Each ring is completely custom. 


*REQUIRED* Input the name you would like displayed on the side of your ring. 


*REQUIRED* Input your finger size the ring will be manufactured in.


Rings will ship directly to your home address. As a reminder, we will hold all rings until the final ring is complete. That way everyone receives their ring at the same time. That is roughly 12 weeks after the deadline. This ring is completely custom! We will do our best to get it complete as quickly as possible. 

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