River Hill Baseball - State Championship Ring 2023River Hill Baseball - State Championship Ring 2023
River Hill Baseball - State Championship Ring 2023


DEADLINE: MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2023 at 11:59 PM 

Congratulations to the River Hill Baseball team on an incredible season and 2023 State Championship. Southern Recognition Championship Rings alongside your Coach have designed a custom one-of-a-kind ring to commemorate your season. 


Orders take APPROXIMATELY twelve weeks to produce from the date the order is submitted as a team. 


*The images included in this product are conceptual. The finished product can vary from the art. Some features including but not limited to gemstones, finish, size, and form can vary from the concept.


Each ring is completely custom. 


*REQUIRED* Input the name you would like displayed on the side of your ring. 

*REQUIRED* Input your finger size.

*REQUIRED* Number 


Ring Sizes are below:  

Colin Chan 8.5
Riley Finkelston 11.5
Eje Okojie 8.5
Garrett Skolkin 8.5
Jake Miller 8
Thomas Jayne 9.5
Brady Young 10.5
Andrew Handelman 8.5
Henry Zatkowski 9
Anderson Dang 10.5
Demetre Koutras 12.5
Trey Matthews 8
Andrew Rogers 9.5
Eliot Bisant 9.5
Avi Fields 10.5
Paxton Finkelston
Jonathan Bloom 9
Alex Toone 12
Ryan Walsh 13
Jonathan Norwood 11.5
Craig Estrin 10.5
Brandon Estrain 8
Tim Finkelston
Zach Scott 10
Thomas Erdman 10.5
Dave Sheehan

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