Latin Soccer - State Championship Ring 2023Latin Soccer - State Championship Ring 2023
Latin Soccer - State Championship Ring 2023


Congratulations to the Latin Soccer team on an incredible season and 2023 State Championship. Southern Recognition Championship Rings alongside your Coaches have designed a custom one-of-a-kind ring to commemorate your season. 


Orders take APPROXIMATELY twelve weeks to produce from the date the order is submitted as a team. 


Each ring is completely custom. 


*REQUIRED* Input the name you would like displayed on the side of your ring. 

*REQUIRED* Input your finger size.

*REQUIRED* Number 

Rings will ship to Charlotte Latin



Name Ring Size
Kyle Searles 11
Joseph Kelly 9.5
Paul Alt 11
Nancy Smith 7.5
Powell Paguibitan 7.5
Dempsey McMahon
Marina Horiuchi 7.5
Ella Smith 7
Claire Zhang
Lucy Dempsey 7
Mary Stewart Hunter 6.5
Addie Hull 8
Lillian Jarmosevich 7.5
Maggie Hyder 8.5

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